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Implementation made easy: How we ensure a smooth transition for your fleet

When you think about upgrading to a new fleet provider, you probably assume the transition will be a complex, difficult process. Not so.  “Our goal is to make sure every implementation runs smoothly, efficiently, and is a success,” says Lisa Bouchard, Manager, Client Integration and Strategic Accounts. “Our success obviously is our client’s success as well.”

Addison follows a step-by-step process that makes implementation easy for you. First, we conduct pre-integration meetings with our department heads and your major stakeholders to make sure we understand your needs and priorities. From there, we create a detailed tracking chart that lists every task involved in the transition, from the signing of contracts through the launch of specific tools and programs. This chart is available to you at all times, so you are always in the loop. 

Each implementation is unique, so we’ll work with you to provide any level of information and support you require. Daily or weekly reports, regular conference calls or meetings … whatever makes you comfortable is fine with us.  “Whether it’s five units or 500, we want every integration to be the best possible experience for the customer,” says Bouchard. “It’s very important for the customer to feel that and to understand we’re there to assist in every way.”

After every integration, we ask customers to evaluate our work. Overwhelmingly, they grade us very highly, but our team is constantly working to make the process even better.  Whether transitioning your entire operation or just your fleet card, we look forward to showing you how seamless it can be.