Our experienced consulting team combines analytical skills, big data and the latest fleet technologies to provide tailored solutions across the fleet life cycle. Whether you seek to reduce costs, improve efficiency, enhance sustainability, upgrade your fleet policies or improve driver behavior, we will identify the critical factors and devise strategies to meet your goals.  

Evaluate fleet performance for the year, identify areas of opportunity and establish goals for the new year.

Meet quarterly, semi-annually or annually to design an action plan to achieve fleet targets.

Discover how your fleet measures up to industry standards by statistical analysis and benchmarking.

Leasing & Financing

We bring the financial strength and expertise to support your present and future fleet. Our flexible financing solutions allow us to effectively meet your specific objectives.  We’ll help enhance your cash flow and ensure capital is available for investment and expansion activities.

Choose from our financing options:

  • Conventional or self-funded financing
  • Capital or operating leases
  • Level pay or step-down options
  • Flexible amortizations

Equipment Leasing

Leasing equipment through Addison Fleet is a turnkey solution that saves you time, consolidates your billing, and eliminates the need for multiple vendors. With our network of contacts across Canada, we can source just about any type of equipment you need at very competitive rates. Or if you already have equipment on your books, take advantage of our Sale & Leaseback program. We’ll purchase it to provide an instant cash infusion then lease it back to you as part of your fleet.


Fuel can be as much as 80% of your fleet’s variable cost, driven by a combination of factors including price, mix, volume and driving behaviour. We’ll partner with you to implement a fuel strategy to manage these factors, including industry-leading reporting and expense tracking solutions.   

Our Fuel Card provides the highest levels of security and acceptance.  It’s on a Mastercard platform and offers both PIN and CHIP technology, as well as Level III Data Capture.


Our comprehensive in-house Maintenance Management Program reduces costs and improves vehicle reliability.  It offers your drivers easy access to our diagnostic experts, customized reports and a network of quality-assured service centres. They all work together to keep your vehicles roadworthy, minimize downtime and avoid unnecessary or overpriced maintenance.

driver management

Our flexible outsourcing solution reduces your costs by removing the administrative burden of managing your fleet.  It provides an end-to-end management solution designed to meet your objectives and deliver measurable results. We’ll act as your in-house Fleet Manager and manage all administrative tasks, including:

This is essential to guide objectives related to human resource issues, safety, liability and cost reduction. We’ll work with you to develop a policy that keeps your business moving forward.

Ensuring that vehicles are properly licensed, registered and insured is critical. We will administer the entire process and take this tedious task off your plate.

This program enables you to focus your safety efforts where they are needed most and identify drivers who could expose your business to risk.  It provides an accurate, up-to-date history for each driver in your fleet. 

We streamline the process to ensure your drivers submit their personal and business kilometres, and audit the data to ensure accuracy. 

Our complete online driver safety training program can help you reduce your accident rate by reinforcing good driving practices for your employees.


From vehicle selection and ordering to delivery and replacement, we’ll help you create the best fleet for your organization. The acquisition process includes:

Compare vehicles to make the best selections and maximize savings and functionality.

Fully understand what a vehicle will cost you throughout its life.

Plan your budgets accurately by preparing to replace your vehicles at the right time.

Order all your vehicles through one point of contact to make the entire process easy.

Count on us to ensure the lowest possible capital cost on every vehicle.

Benefit from our partnerships with local dealers across the country.

purchase management

We work with manufacturers, dealers and upfitters across Canada to meet all of your fleet requirements.

We provide impartial expertise and recommendations to meet your specific objectives.

We’ll save you time and money by working with dealers and upfitters to deliver the best-fit, most economical solutions.  

We’ll negotiate the best possible concessions and lowest dealer markup, and work to reduce undesired options and upfitting costs.

We’ll apply all our solutions, from acquisition and fuel to maintenance and remarketing, to save you time and money.

Whether you lease or purchase, we can reduce your vehicle costs by streamlining your procurement process, reducing your acquisition costs and optimizing your selection, replacement planning and remarketing.


With depreciation accounting for up to 48% of your vehicles’ cost of ownership, it is critical to sell your assets at the optimal time to earn the highest resale value. We’ll ensure you get the maximum amount you deserve. To reduce the cost of depreciation, we look at:

We’ll ensure that your vehicles are sold and replaced at the ideal time to maximize proceeds.

We leverage multiple channels to deliver higher resale values and shorter sale turnaround times.

We’ll sell your vehicle during the optimum time of year based on vehicle type, geography and economic factors.

Toll Management

With this program, we will integrate toll charges on Ontario highways 407, 412 and 418 into your overall fleet billing and free you from the hassles of making separate payments for individual vehicles. 

Using these roads can save your drivers a lot of time. But the toll charges make them more costly than other routes. We can help you understand when the time savings justify the added expense. We will identify all vehicles that need to use these highways and make sure they have valid transponders. From there, our FleetPoint app will capture all the information needed to integrate your toll charges. In fact, it will capture and consolidate all data related to toll and highway usage. We can then factor this data into our analyses of driver productivity. So, for example, you can flag any trips not designated for use on these highways.

If there are any incorrect charges, such as toll camera charges on vehicles not subject to them, we will work with the appropriate parties to get them removed.  And we’ll make sure there are no unpaid fees, damaged license plates or other issues that now require your attention.


We designed our technology with two objectives in mind — speed and ease of use. We’ll provide everything you need to manage data, build reports and make informed decisions.

Our online information management system integrates your fleet data, transforms it into actionable information and puts it to work to help you manage your fleet at peak performance. FleetPoint is unmatched in our industry for scope of information and ease of use. It delivers everything you need to make decisions and implement initiatives quickly and effectively.

This enterprise application enables intelligent routing of communications in a highly customized, policy-driven manner, providing the information you need to review any actionable items. 

Our dashboard application provides access to summary information on key fleet metrics, making it easier than ever to track trends, prepare management reports and monitor costs.

Access a list of all available reports, including standard reports and customized reports that have been developed specifically for you and built from current, real-time data. 

Access vehicle order status, mileage entry information, historical data, personal and business mileage, maintenance vendor locations, upcoming scheduled maintenance and more.

Our proprietary Life Cycle Cost Analysis Tool, Cost Projection Tool and Taxable Benefit Projection Tool produce actionable analysis to identify key cost drivers and potential solutions.

Our gamification tool provides a competitive “game-like” platform, encourages more efficient driving within your established policies and helps your drivers improve performance.

Our Telematics solution can improve safety and efficiency, and reduce costs across every aspect of fleet operations. Integrated with FleetPoint, it collects critical data from your fleet’s Real-time operations to optimize fleet performance.

  • Enhanced operation cost management
  • Real-time tracking and data
  • Enhanced analytics
  • Driver behaviour, safety compliance and accident management 
  • Location reporting, route planning and tracking
  • Optional dispatch, man down and satellite communications

Project Rentals

With access to a large fleet of rental vehicles and highly competitive pricing, we can provide a cost-effective solution to your rental needs.  

Whether it’s determining the right vehicle for a short-term need or identifying whether a rental or lease makes more sense for longer-term projects, we will help you consider your options and make the best decisions.

We will assist with vehicle needs assessments and costing to help with your project planning and budget development.

Green Solutions

We acknowledge that our business activities have an economic, environmental and social impact. By following sound sustainability principles, we’ll help you reduce your carbon footprint with right-sized fleets, smart vehicle selection, carbon offsets, green tools and more.