Life cycle Analysis

Customized vehicle solutions

Life cycle analysis

We manage every stage of the vehicle life cycle to minimize fleet costs. Whether it’s a single vehicle or a full fleet management solution, we’ll save you time and money.


We offer a number of flexible lease solutions to meet your financial objectives and improve cash flow – with competitive rates, transparent pricing and simplified billing.

Purchase Management

Purchase vehicles outright while leveraging Addison’s selection, acquisition, upfitting and remarketing expertise to optimize the process and reduce costs.


We ensure the most cost-effective and suitable vehicles for your needs. We carefully evaluate vehicle requirements and costs, and provide strategic recommendations.


We’ll deliver the vehicles you need, when and where you need them. Leveraging our experience and resources, we streamline the process to save time and ensure the lowest costs.

Price Management

We’ll negotiate the most competitive concessions and pricing on your behalf – and provide recommendations proven to maximize concession values.

Ship Through

We provide full ship through service to facilitate any aftermarket requirements. Whether it’s a decal or a full-service body, we’ll deliver your vehicles fully upfitted and ready to work.

replacement planning

We can minimize acquisition costs and maximize asset value. We’ll consult with you on timing and best practices to track usage across your fleet and establish an optimal cycle strategy.


We consistently capture above-average resale values.  We assess the type, age, usage, and condition of each vehicle to select the best resale method, then manage the entire process.

Project Rentals

As a full-service fleet provider, we can assist with all of your acquisition requirements, including short-term rentals at highly competitive pricing.

Fuel Management

Controlling your fleet’s largest operating cost

Over a lease cycle, you may actually spend more on fuel than on the vehicle itself. Our solution gives you total visibility of fuel costs. Controlling those costs requires:

  • Fuel-spend information for each vehicle
  • An understanding of causes of increased fuel consumption
  • A solution to eliminate those causes

Self-Managed Data

Our easy data tool enables you to understand fuel spend and run rates. View your data by driver, vehicle or business unit to break down fuel costs and understand consumption trends. 

Real-Time Data

This solution uses fuel card data to help you understand your progress toward meeting fuel reduction targets and addressing problem areas.

Fully Integrated

Our advanced telematics show the “cause and effect” story needed to drive a fuel reduction solution, and how driver behaviour affects the operating costs of your fleet. For example:

  • Excessive Speed: At 120km/h, a vehicle uses 20% more fuel than at 100km/h.
  • Hard Acceleration: Accelerating at a rate that would not spill a coffee reduces consumption by 15%.
  • Hard Braking: Frequent hard braking can indicate erratic driving habits, which consumes 20-48% more fuel.
  • Maintaining a Constant Speed: Cycling between 75km/h and 85km/h every 18 seconds increases fuel consumption by 20%. Cycling every 12 seconds requires 48% more fuel.
  • Idling: An hour of idling consumes enough fuel to travel 25-35 km.
  • Vehicle Routing: Allocating the nearest vehicle to a job saves significant time and fuel.


Choosing the correct vehicles is critical to any fuel reduction solution. Our vehicle selector will use your fuel consumption data to quantify the benefit of moving to more efficient vehicles.



Get all your fleet management and planning tools in one place. FleetPoint integrates your data into reports that provide all the information you need to effect change.


It provides point-of-sale convenience, supplier invoice processing, a consolidated bill, control features and online reports via FleetPoint that help you manage costs and increase driver productivity.


Our telematics solution, with accelerometer, GPS and cellular connectivity, gives detailed insight into the causes of increased fuel consumption. This data can be used to lower fuel costs through driver education and monitoring.

Optimized Maintenance

Cut repair costs through diligent preventive maintenance

With proper preventive maintenance and the promotion of good driver behaviours, we can keep your vehicles from incurring significant repair costs.

The Cost of Premature Wear

Whatever the cause, premature replacement of normal-wear items can be costly. For example, if brakes and tires require an extra replacement per lease cycle, overall cost of ownership increases significantly.

Self-Managed Data

With regular odometer updates, FleetPoint will track the preventive maintenance requirements of your entire fleet. Early warning of upcoming maintenance will minimize disruptions, while  reminders of overdue maintenance will help keep repair costs down.

Real-Time Data

We use data from our fuel and maintenance card transactions to forecast preventive maintenance needs. Analytics are applied to manage and track maintenance frequency and costs, and identify exceptions that may require attention.

Fully Integrated

Our telematics solution provides insight into how driver behaviours affect the operating cost of your fleet. It can report on excessive speed, hard acceleration, hard braking, hard cornering and more to help minimize excess wear and tear.



Get all your fleet management and planning tools in one place. FleetPoint integrates your data into reports that provide all the information you need to effect change.


Fuel, repair and maintenance transactions are used to automatically collect the fleet cost information that drives the advanced analytics.


Our telematics solution, with accelerometer, GPS and cellular connectivity, gives detailed insight into the causes of increased wear and tear. This data can be used to lower repair costs through driver education and monitoring.

Driver Safety

Safety compliance and driver management

Our Safety Programs offer several components that may be applied independently or together to address your safety goals and ensure that drivers are safe and compliant.

Driver Safety


We work with you to review your existing safety policy and provide recommendations to enhance and integrate it with our program options. 


We’ll provide an accurate, up-to-date history for each driver in your fleet to identify potential problem drivers, lower the number and severity of accidents and save money.


Our training program will help reduce your accident rate by reinforcing good driving practices for your employees. Choose from a range of options to customize the program to your needs. 

Vehicle Safety


Registration oversights can result in costly penalties and driver downtime. We’ll take this task off your plate, monitor each vehicle’s registration requirements and handle the renewal process.


We provide notification of factory recalls and track the completion of recall-related repairs to ensure the safety of your vehicles.



Tracks driver behaviour and scores and ranks drivers in accordance with safety compliance.


Sends alerts of a sudden stop or impact.


Provides details on vehicle speed and driver behaviour at the time of an accident.

Carbon reduction

Focus on a greener fleet

carbon Reduction

Include more ecofriendly fleet practices in your environmental initiatives. Our green solutions will help reduce your carbon footprint without compromising operational efficiency.

Vehicle Selection

We will include hybrid and zero-emission vehicles as options when feasible. If a zero-emission solution does not fit the application, we will include carbon emission ratings in vehicle analyses to assist with lower-emission selections.

Carbon Reporting

Reporting and analytics identify carbon reduction opportunities. Factors such as idling, excessive speeding, hard acceleration, inefficient vehicle routing, overdue preventive maintenance and mechanical issues can all contribute to excess emissions.

Green Driving Course

Our convenient online training course teaches drivers about green driving habits and the environmental impacts of poor driving habits.

Taxable Benefits

Simplified tracking and administration


Our program simplifies the annual process of tracking, reporting and calculating personal-use valuation for your drivers – and gives them a convenient and easy way to report and certify their information.


A tax benefit report is generated for each driver, utilizing the driver data manually logged through the Mobile App or FleetPoint.


To improve efficiency, a tax benefit report is generated utilizing odometer readings, and fuel consumption data to calculate estimated kilometre logs.

Automatic Logging

The most accurate and efficient solution, utilizing GPS, personal and business use, is automatically logged according to the time and day of week.